BEA Italia – 1st Prize Best Incentive 2016

Creo won the 1st Prize at the XII Edition of the BEA Italia awards for the organization of the best incentive trip in 2016: “IDL 2016” for Alleanza Assicurazioni.

“IDL 2016” was a unique and memorable event: 4 days of entertainment, shows, awards, sharing of results, experiences and emotions.

850 participants, 100 staff members, 600 rooms, 5 charters, and connections from all over Italy. 300 square meters of stage, 150 square meters of projections on 4 different screens.

Creo was responsible for all the organizational aspects, from the ideation of the communication concept to the logistical planning, from the set design and assembly to all the speech, slide, video and social content.

Pubblicata: 20 Apr 2017